Thursday, 5 June 2008

Wizardry in the City

They're starting to put these giant laser guns on the tops of all new buildings in the City of London in case of terrorist hijackers or attack from outer space by extra terrestrials . . . actually it's only a crane but it did give me a slight frisson of Brave New World or Metropolis when we first saw it on our walk from Liverpool Street Station to the Wizardry in Wood show.

I like the City - it's a very interesting and exciting place with a strong sense of history. Ancient and modern buildings vie for attention plus all those from the eras in between. It's a clean place and the people all seem to have a sense of purpose, not straggling about like tourists do in the rotten old , dirty West End.

We went to give Nick & Katie Abbott a bit of a break, so they could have a look round the show and do a bit of shmoozing with the Great & the Good. I turned a couple of spinning tops although I struggled slightly using an unfamiliar lathe and tools.

Here's a pic of me turning on a bobbin lathe and Nick using a rounder to form tenons on the ends of the bow for a bow back or loop back Windsor side chair.

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