Friday, 20 June 2008


I made a template for the shape of a Rebec that I have a penchant to make. Also sorted out some timber for it - Laburnum for the fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece and bridge and half a 6" sycamore log about 20" long which I'll carve into a giant spoon shape for the body and neck. Haven't got anything for the top yet - I suppose I'll have to buy a piece of thin Spruce from somewhere.

I'll take some photos tomorrow at Long Melford Midsummer Craft & Country Show where we'll be this weekend . . .


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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pics. Many moons back I made an all wood banjo from tulip poplar and oak. Sadly I lost it when I was divorced. I hope to see your finished product. By the way, I followed the link and saw the nice scar on the fellows left thumb. I can identify. I have one made by a new knife that I bought some time ago. Still have the scar. Be careful and lots of luck.