Sunday, 22 June 2008

Melford Hall

This show had a strange effect on me.

A great location in a lovely part of the country. BUT the weather was against us - Saturday it rained and drizzled - I didn't feel like being there and today was extremely windy. I didn't feel like doing much turning - most of the punters were food monsters and nearly all the concessions were just behind us . . .

However - I did manage to put a stool together and managed to rough out the rebec.


As far as it goes

I'll dry it out slowly and gradually refine it - I'll put up more pics as it takes shape.

We did meet a local turner, Martin Hafner, who came along both days and brought a gorgeous screw-top box today to show us - I'd love to have a go at screw threading on the pole lathe !

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Andy said...

Nice shape. I'd not heard of a Rebac before your post.What's the sound like?