Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mermaid Spoon

Had an email yesterday from a lady who wished to purchase a "Mermaid Spoon" - she'd obviously seen it at a show and regretted not buying it. I replied that we had only made one - were unlikely to make another and that it was unique. Vanessa made it quite a while ago from an unlikely looking piece of Alder from the firewood pile.

Anyway she sent us a cheque today and . . . . it swam off in her direction.

Made a big batch of whimmy diddles today - they sell like hot cakes and we're doing an event on Sunday at Thetford in Norfolk - Euston Park Rural Pastimes - a new event for us this year and really looking forward to it.


miss rika said...

That is very cute and would make a lovely gift. Is it very comfortable to use, do you know?


I know it's a bit naughty but we never thought of it from a functional point of view. I was just a bit of fun.
I can't remember how it felt in the hand from an eating point of view.