Monday, 9 June 2008

Bodging in Euston Park

Had to leave early yesterday morning and it was quite an unpromising start - overcast , misty and drizzling a bit on the way to Thetford. But . . . by noon . . . I was glad I had that hat !
It's quite an alien environment - bodging in the middle of a hot field. I did have a cover but there wasn't enough space to put it up.

It was a very nice Country Show with loads to see and a good set of rural craftsmen. I chatted to some very interesting people but nobody was buying anything - thank god for the demonstrator's fee again. We were right opposite the arena for the Heavy Horses so we've seen them 2 weekends on the trot now.

No apologies for putting up more horse pics . . .

and especially this Suffolk Punch Mother & Child.

If we ever win the Lottery (ha ha) I'll have one of these to drag logs around in my forest.


Andy Coates said...

You have a forest! You can't just slip that in!



OK Andy you can cheer up.
Obviously the forest is also part of this Lottery win!

Andy said...

You can't win, Robin. Now I feel sad that you don't own your own forest. I hope your numbers come up so you can have your forest and Suffolk Punches to haul logs...and when you know all those Oak burrs you can't turn on a pole lathe?...:)