Sunday, 1 June 2008

Scribefire test

Just trying this Scribefire out as recommended by Andy Coates. At the mo' I can't see any advantages over just logging into Blogger but they will probably become apparent (hopefully).

Can't seem to see my green man image from PhotoBucket?

Nah, can't upload images from my computer, Photobucket or Flickr. That's really the whole point of blogging . . putting up pics. Suppose it might be all right for text only notes.
Got anything to say about uploading images Andy ?

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Andy said...

Just catching up on things! Hence the delay.

I'm not convinced that SF is a helpful tool yet. Although, I have uploaded images with it without problem.I think maybe the "thing" about it is taking and saving snippets over a period and saving them to a cumulative post. Time will tell!