Tuesday, 12 June 2018


In Yorkshire for a couple of days giving youngsters a taste of what can happen in the countryside with the excellent children's charity Countryside Learning who organise many different activities for inner city kids who are just not aware of all the different opportunities there are waiting for them in the open air.
So onto the asks & answers...

And how often do you dye your beard when you're working?    Wasn't ready for this one!  Has never crossed my mind to dye anything except for a T shirt...

Why are you so old?!  Well well well & my response - Why are you so young?  Further response from said youngster - I'm not that young, I'm 10 and 3/4s and so I'm older than her!

Does this spoon work properly?  I've never had any trouble making spoons work!

Why is your shavehorse too big?  It's not too big for me, you're just too small!

Did you grow so tall to make it easier to climb trees?  Oh yes and my mum stretched my legs every night so I don't have to jump so far.  Further response - Think I'll get my dad to do that, he's stronger than my mum...

There's a constant patter of excitement and interest.

How many axes have you got?

Does your grandad know you do this?

How many grandads have you got?  Me - I had two, sadly they both died long ago.  Further response - How many of them were murdered?  Me - left speechless!

Does your dog like doing this? Me - Why don't you ask him?

Mister your dog's dead - I've just pulled his tail and he's not moving!  Me - No he's playing dead so you all (around 1500 kids a day for two days) leave him alone!

It's all good fun and at least they get a chance to get hands on with everything.

The two man saw was a big hit with them all and I got my logs sawn up so they'd fit easily in the back of the car!  This was some beautiful laburnum from the Borders which my mate James very kindly schlepped down to Ledston for me.  In Scotland they are a common hedgerow and street tree. Very popular for making into quaiches for single malt and are known Scottish mahogany.

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