Monday, 12 June 2017


When I first started green woodworking over 20 years ago there were very few books available.  I only had Mike Abbott’s Green Woodwork (which used to be called “The Bible” back in the day) and I pored over it long and hard until it fell apart.  I still think it’s his best book.
I next discovered Roy Underhill  - Ray Tabor published his first book Traditional Woodland Crafts - the floodgates opened and I was off! turning my hobby into a career.
The newest addition to the collection is Sean Hellman’s “Shaving Horses, Lap Shaves & other Woodland Vices”. 

Drawing on his long and distinguished career Sean has put together an excellent book which I would have killed for when I first started.  Very well written and covering every aspect of Shavehorse design and manufacture I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Woodland Craft, Green Woodwork, Rustic woodwork and workholding in general.
My favourite is the “Easy Rider” which looks really cool but I may be tempted to make myself a Spoon Horse now that the fingers are finding it harder to hold small things when carving.
I think there’s something here for everyone and it looks good on the bookshelves next to all the other classics…

Get yours while they’re still hot!

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