Thursday, 12 June 2008

Fairlop Woodturners

Spent yesterday afternoon and evening at King Solomon's School, Barkingside at the invitation of Jon Warwicker (the one in the middle)

- he's the head of CDT there and organises an after school woodturning club for the kids on Wednesdays. The Fairlop Woodturners Club is also based at the school and some of the members come along to give tuition.

Jon recently became interested in green woodwork and attended the Bodgers Ball in Oxfordshire. He took loads of photos of different lathes and has made this one which the kids are fascinated with - only problem was anchoring the pole in that car park !

In the evening there was a club meeting and Mark Baker - editor of Woodturning magazine - demonstrated a few techniques and ideas (none of which applied to the pole lathe). Afterwards we retired to a local Indian restaurant for curry, chat and beer. A great time - thanks Jon.

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Andy Coates said...

Damn! I was should have been there! My sister-in-law was going to collect Ellie from school so I could drive down and photograph the event and do a write up for Revolutions...but she was rushed to hospital with an infection, so couldn't collect Ellie. I'm even more gutted now...