Tuesday, 17 June 2008

EcoFest at FineShade Woods

Well we got frozen, soaked and baked but we had a good time.
Sleeping in the eco-shelters at the Youth Camp was brilliant. Friday night was very cold - a chill came up through the floor. We hadn’t taken enough blankets but we borrowed some on Saturday. After an excellent meal at The Royal Oak Hotel at Duddington with John the woodcarver and his wife Lesley we went back, lit a big fire and sat, chatted and had a drink with some of the CAT people.

It was a much warmer night and we only got woken up by 3 or 4 thrushes trying to outsing each other. Which is much better than the radio alarm !

We were introduced to the dignitaries from E. Northamptonshire by Rachel Watson - the organiser of this very interesting and positive, informative, ethical and sustainable event (she is on the right).

We met some interesting, friendly and like-minded people including : -
Karen & Simon - Willow weaving, coppice crafts & Indian head massage,

Frank who picks elderflowers for a living at this time of year . . .

He lives in a wood and makes benders.

Joanne, Hester & Alexei from CAT with their wind turbine and solar panels and loads of other ideas.

Darren who got bitten by the bodging bug, and his wife - who got entranced by the secrets of the Whimmy Diddle. This is Darrel and Chaz learning Green Woodworking and playing at being Bodgers.

We discussed making elderflower wine with Chaz and ours is now bubbling away madly.

Molly & her Dad,

Also Susan and Frank who run the place for the Forestry Commission.

I also met Phil Buckley who’s been following my blog and saw the link and came along ! He runs the website for The Ely Guild of Turners.

When we got home our garden looked like this . . .

PS. nobody's got the right answer in yesterdays tree quiz yet . . .



David Stovell said...

I have to guess at a Wild Service Tree

Robin Fawcett said...

Yes - you're right but I don't think that was a guess !
Do you know the Latin name ?

David Stovell said...

Sorbus torminalis
but that's thanks to Google

rika said...

Wild Service Tree!?!? Interesting name . . .

This is an interesting event, too. And "entranced by the secrets of the Whimmy Diddle" is an excellent string of phrases. I commend you for it.