Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Bees, Trees & Elderflower Wine

Been strimming the bees out of the nettle wilderness today, pruned back some trees to give a clearer space, got the suits on and had a look in the hive but they haven't made much honey yet this year. They've probably been eating it during the wet, cold weather we've been having.
This colony seem really placid and contented - we probably didn't need the suits on as they didn't really notice us dismantling their home and having a poke around in there. It's bloody hot wearing them in the hottest parts of the year !

We've built a platform for a shelter and this is the view through the archway. The bent Ash on the left is going to be a great place for a hammock. Other trees are :- Rowans, Oaks, Hazel, Walnuts, Hornbeam, Pines, Larches, Cypress, Cedars, Yews, Cherries, Box Elders, Mulberry, Beech, Birch, Conker, Elms, Ginkgo, Box, Pears, Quince, Field Maples, Small-leafed Limes, Liquidambar, Willows, Hawthorns & a Wild Service Tree.

That's the blacksmith's shop in the middle of the picture.

Picked enough elderflower heads for a gallon of wine - to me the essence of summer. Funny thing is I can smell it now as we've put them in a bucket and poured on boiling water. Wish this image was 'scratch'n'sniff'!


Anonymous said...

It could be a hectare...it seems endless, remote, idyllic and peaceful. Prettier than a New Forrest Glade...well done!
I have two seven year old Horse Chestnut trees that burst through the soil and compost (it was an experiment) the very day Ellie was born. They’re potted now (have been since we moved from London), but one day will have a home something like your bosky sanctuary.
I’d better start buying a lottery ticket then! Thanks for sharing

Robin Fawcett said...

bosky |ˈbäskē|
wooded; covered by trees or bushes : a river meandering between bosky banks.
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Middle English bosk, variant of bush 1 .

Well Andy that's a new word I've learnt. Quite accurate apart from the river bit !

rika said...

Mmm. Everything is turning brown, here in our Mediterranean climate--I'm jealous of all that green, those flowers.