Friday, 27 June 2008

Prince Harry & Lois, Lady Bodger at RNS

This is Prince Harry's body double, Ben Orford, trying to trim his toenails on my bow lathe . . .

The real Prince Harry having a go on Lois' lathe - can you imagine having your first lesson on a pole lathe under the glare of all those flashlights ?

More pictures coming when I've had a chance to check them out . . .

Here's a couple of Robins learning to use the bow lathe . . .

any captions for this shot of Rob Wood . . . ?

or me ??

We had a great time at the Royal Norfolk Show, (apparently it's the biggest and most important country show in the Land) - right up to the end even when it poured with rain all the way home and we had to unload the truck in the heavy rain late at night !!
We have spent the day recovering.

We met lots of friends, old friends, new friends and had a good chinwag with other like-minded and interesting folk.

There was a tantalising atmosphere pervading our Woodland Craft glade. When leaving my fellow artisans and going into the main showground for water I felt like I had been dropped into Oxford Street on a mad, Saturday afternoon !

* * *Barefoot bow lathe turning film * * *

Watch this space . . .

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