Monday, 1 June 2009

New lathe

We camped on our plot this weekend and after being inspired by the lathe makers at the Bodger's Ball recently I decided to make myself a bowl turning lathe.

The bed is a lump of Cedar of Lebanon which I've had for quite a while - smells lovely to work - I thought all the legs were Sweet Chestnut but one turned out to be Oak and the poppets are Elm. I'll look forward to finishing it soon...

A Dude turned up for the evening barbecue looking a bit fierce but soon lightened up with the convivial company.

Jed loves it over there. We tie his lead to a long bit of rope with a smallish log tied to the other end (a bit like a ball and chain!) so that he can get around but not run off. He's very good at tying himself and everyone else in tangly knots and useless at undoing them.

When I got up the other morning he seemed to have doubled in size overnight. Here's a picture with one of my sandals (size 11) for scale.

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