Thursday, 28 May 2009

Craft Illustrators

I bought this book in the Auction at the Bodgers Ball a couple of weeks ago . . .

I have another book by James Arnold - "The Shell book of Country Crafts" and he is a great illustrator.

1. Here's a drawing of Sam Rockall I think . . .

2. The Chairmakers Workshop

3. Chairmakers Tools

4. Bowl Turner

5. Coppice Products

Note - the Yoke isn't labelled !

The lathe tools illustrated in 1,3 & 4 are interesting to study. Any real Bodgers out there know the difference between a buzz and a bruzz ? I'd be interested to hear any other ideas.

These illustrations reminded me of Eric Sloane - really lovely little black and white vignettes. Eric never seems to get much of a mention these days. Why is that I wonder ? I'll do a blog about him sometime soon.

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Robin Wood said...

nice pics Robin. Interesting how high Rockall has his centre height, good for the posture with a nice straight back. Also interesting that the bowlturner has gouges as well as hooks, I have not seen that before.