Monday, 22 June 2009

Melford Hall

A young Medieval re-enactor learning a bit about working wood. I was cutting the point on an acorn which I formed on the end of a spurtle (the English version - the Scots have a thistle). He was very interested and asked me a non-stop stream of questions.

My Shop at the show

I made this table/stool/bench/sawhorse about 15 years ago before I had a shavehorse. It still gets a lot of use, the legs fall off when it's hot and dry, the crack's been there since day 1 and it's out in all weathers. Mike Abbott told me off for making stooltops from Sweet Chestnut but this one's obviously a survivor . . .

Unlike the shavehorse . . .

It wasn't that old, maybe 5/6 years and made from fairly quick grown Scots Pine from a local estate.

I thought this plank of Italian Black Poplar could make a possible repacement for the shavehorse body - not sure about the position of that knot though . . .

Oh yes - I bought my first ever item from eBay today, it got quite exciting toward the end !
(more soon)


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