Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A New Tool


This is my first purchase from eBay I mentioned recently.

A chunky, foot operated vice. A well designed, modern work horse. Very robust and portable, useful for spooncarving demos and any number of other things. I'll have to make some wood and leather jaws. It has a massive clamping force worked by an ingenious system of lock and levers.



Anonymous said...

The Triton superjaws! I've got one too. It's a great tool for holding a door while you plane the long edges. Hadn't thought to use it for spoons Etc...or to make extra "soft" jaws. Hummm, when I get a minute I might do the same.

I bet you didn't pay anything like the original cost...they were very expensive.

Woodland Antics said...

Now if you could just fit a saddle onto it then you might be getting somewhere!