Thursday, 11 June 2009

1st Bowl

. . . turned on an electric lathe.

Went round to my mate Bill Munroe's this afternoon and had my first proper lesson on a power lathe. He showed me how to make a lidded box and then I had a go at making a small Ash bowl.
Someone mentioned using fruit to give a sense of scale and the avocado was all I could find - it is quite a big one !
The shaping happened very quickly but I couldn't feel the rhythm of the machine or contact with the process. Funnily enough another friend, Jon Warwicker, came round today with 2 spacers for the tailstock of my treadle lathe to bring it up to the same height as the headstock. I'll have a go on that - still using leg power but spinning round the same way rather than reciprocating.

Bill also gave me this lovely old box handled spoon gouge and a bottle of red wine - what a generous guy.

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