Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday News

Was able to use the Superjaws for the first time today to glue and clamp the shavehorse body back together. I decided that repair is more in the spirit than making new - screwed and glued a piece of maple across the split. I'm sure it will hold together for years to come . . .

Made a pair of spoon earrings from Silver Birch - they look like tiny, chunky, Medieval ladles. I've found a way to make a lot of blanks quite quickly which I'll post about soon.

A wren has built a nest in my workshed just above the lathe - it's been there for several months and we thought it was abandoned. Now you can hear the babies cheeping when the adults come in with food.

I knew there were a lot of wrens around here as you often hear their shrill song but they seem quite secretive - you hardly ever see one. These are quite bold and seem unconcerned at us being there.

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