Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Tool Shed

Spent yesterday assembling the new tool shed on our plot (and the day before that waiting for it to be delivered). Thank god for cordless drills !
All those old tools which I took out of our loft in the Winter will have a proper home rather than cluttering up the other sheds.

The finishing touch

We've got a great big tub of proper creosote so that'll be getting slathered on all over - I can't bear these water based preservatives ha ha.

Jed slept most of the time on the shaving pile although we did let him off the lead for the first time and he didn't wander off too much.


Woodland Antics said...

You can't have too many sheds, and to have one just for the tools is of course a necessity.

Where did you get the creosote?



Hi Mark
The powers that be decided that the general public can't have access to creosote . . . but farmers can !
Contact your nearest agricultural suppliers - thing is you have to buy a minimum quantity of 25 litres. AND it comes in black and brown.