Monday, 15 June 2009

Garden Life

The weather was fantastic and we spent most of the weekend living in the garden. In between bouts of playing with Jed I managed to carve some kitchen utensils from Sycamore and Lime. Also spoons from Cherry & Apple.

Strange day Sunday.
We went off to a boot fair (people selling and buying junk in a field) early and arrived to see a "NO DOGS" sign. So no junk for us . . . although you do hope to find some treasure like a book or tool. Decided to go up to High Beach in Epping Forest for a bacon butty and a cup of tea but the caff was closed. So we had a nice walk in the woods and I skanked a nice straight piece of freshly felled Silver Birch (which is a wood I find it strangely difficult to get hold of). When we got back to the van the caff had opened but despite me shouting "Hello" for 5 minutes nobody came out to serve us. We came home and made our own bacon sarnies.

In the evening I lit a fire in the barbecue and we sat out till late.

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Plutus said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Robin. Jed is getting bigger all the time, but he still looks like a sweet little fella.