Friday, 26 June 2009

Spinning top query

I recently had this email message from Owen Churchill regarding the Spinning Tops post on June 3 . . .

"hi robin
i enjoyed scrolling through your blog the other day. i'm a young and naive woodturner doing a pole-lathe demo/stall at our village festival this weekend, and am short of ideas other than spinning tops, eggs and mushrooms, since most of my turning is seasoned faceplate stuff on the electric lathe. i was interested by your design of spinning tops, does the top have a hole through the stem for the string or does it work by just wrapping the thread over itself?
any other small project ideas or tips on the tops so to speak would be really greatHi Owen

My answer
Why not get a Google identity and leave a comment on the blog ? - I'm interested in getting some discussion going.
The top does have a hole through the stem but you could probably wrap it back on itself when you "load" it.

P.S. It's not my design of top - probably Victorian and there will be a "how to make one" article in the next Bodgers Gazette.

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