Saturday, 4 July 2009

What day is it ?


As we do most shows on a weekend, the Norfolk Show which is on a Wednesday & Thursday throws out my body clock completely - yesterday felt like Monday and today Tuesday !

Eric Rodgers who organises the Woodland Craft area at the show does a great job in choosing some excellent crafstpeople to demonstrate. No royalty attended this year and the Minister for Agriculture had to dash off back to London.

Jan Watkins is a very skilled rushworker. She made me a hat last year which shrunk a bit so she wet it and stretched it for a better fit.

Dan Hussey makes wonderful steam-bent chairs, rockers and tables from coppice Ash. I'm going to buy at least one someday . . .

Jeremy Atkinson, clog maker extraordinaire, demonstrating the use of a stock knife to schoolkids (I already have 2 pairs of his clogs which he makes to fit your foot and he knows a thing or two about feet !)

Owen Jones making his oak swill baskets. I went on one of his courses several years ago. His workshop is only a couple of hundred yards from Lake Coniston in Cumbria - very well worth making the effort.

During the show a lad, Steven, asked me if I could make him a baseball bat as he plays Minor League. I had some Ash long enough so I got him to help make it.

Pleased as Punch.

I hope he manages to use it to hit some home runs.

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