Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Lee

We've been at a quintessential English summer fete this afternoon in a beautiful enclave in The Chilterns called the Lee. A couple of miles North(ish) of Chesham.

It's quite hard to find - there aren't many signposts round there !
It's on the village cricket field and there is a Flower Show, Dog Show etc. . . I love these events.

Me and Jake who was today's apprentice.

Him and his mate Lewis

took over the lathe and made a rounders bat from Ash which Jake's Dad eventually bought for him.


Had a bit of trouble uploading photos on Greenpress - the process is a bit over complicated, the blog header doesn't look as good as on Blogger, you have to provide captions for the photos and when you want to look at them you have to click to choose it and then again to enlarge it. Then I have adverts for meaningless products. Perhaps I could spend a lot of my time fiddling with settings etc . . . but CAN I BE BOTHERED ??? Being 'green' to me means NOT so long tapping keyboards and looking at screens in a puzzled manner . . .

I'm wondering what the benefit of changing blog provider actually is.

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