Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Boudicca's Camp - Epping Forest

We took Jed to Loughton Camp and let him off the lead in Epping Forest for the first time. He loved it - racing around like a dervish in the leaf litter and here climbing an old Beech pollard with Vanessa.
Loughton Camp is an amazing, magical place - like a time portal to another era . . .

We've been making another "How to Make" movie of a spinning top. Coming to YouTube soon...this one will be short and sweet.

Ash spinning top on Elm board.


Couple of Northern events coming up - "Treefest" at Newstead Village in Nottinghamshire this weekend 18th & 19th and The Driffield Agricultural Show in East Yorkshire next Wednesday 22nd July. These both promise to be exciting events and we're looking forward to them.

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