Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wanton Waste

Once again the Epping Forest authorities do their best to piss me off by pointlessly and needlessly cutting down these Birch trees quite deep within the forest, piling them up and leaving them to rot.

I know about biomass, habitat piles, stag beetle larvae, homes for adders etc, etc but those things occur naturally in the forest. What about me having some to make treen from? I'm an endangered species! but I will be fined quite heavily if I take some and get caught.

The forest gangs will do a reduction on the crown of a huge Beech pollard for no apparent reason other than to give the tree gang some work and a chance to play with the new cherry-picker. They don't touch the dangerous and dying trees which could do with some attention.

What a ridiculous situation... upsetting and frustrating.

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Woodland Antics said...

'tis bonkers and I find it as upsetting as you do. It's all inspired by health & safety rubbish and a 'jobs worth' culture. The Forestry commission is just as bad if not worse. I think the new carbon culture might give us a chance to change some of this, but it won't be easy or quick. So much wood is wasted, burnt, chipped or just left in shabbitat piles all of which could be charcoaled if nothing else and reduce our enormous fetish for cutting down forests on the other side of the world and shipping the wood over here. Ooops on my high horse again, call the vet to put it they still do one way tickets to Oz for purloining wood?