Friday, 3 July 2009

Bodger's Ball 2010

Don't know where this will be yet but . . .

Preview: Bodgers Ball - New ideas for competitions

I love going to the Bodger's Ball and meeting lots of friends that I only see once a year. It'd be good to see some new things happening that would refresh the format.

Sean Hellman's fan birds were a new flyaway success this year.

Rob Wood suggested a new idea for making structures with old chair legs (from previous years log-to-leg races??) for 2009 which didn't get off the ground . . . anyone fancy doing that ?

Lathe making was a good idea, took up nearly the whole weekend and wasn't for everybody

How about an egg-and-spoon race where you have to turn an egg and carve a spoon (could be a team and/or individual thing) have a race and then be judged on quality/time etc ?

Hopefully in the next Gazette there will be my article on how to make a spinning top. How about a competition to make one in half an hour, and then see who's spins the longest ? Could have a sweepstake ?

What about a proper Bodger's shopping mall in a marquee/tent which brings together everyone who wants to sell things ?

Me and Vanessa would be prepared to help organise these. Is anyone else interested ?


Woodland Antics said...

Hi Robin,

I like the quirky idea of the egg and spoon race. could be a team event? I do like the spinning top idea as well, and am delighted to hear that you've put it in the gazette as I've been meaning to do one for ages - but other things seem to keep getting in the way. So I will take the plunge and commit to doing the spinning top if you go with it,


Robin Fawcett said...

Thanks for that Mark - the only positive support I've had so far.

Richard Law said...

Yeah! Good ideas, I'll enter the spinning top event - hellish tight making one in half an hour - how much do you charge for one? I'm asking for £12. Sales marquee great idea - need to get the public in there to buy - local advertising/newspaper features would help perhaps? Will it be Reading next year do we know?
Richard Law