Thursday, 16 July 2009

New Video on YouTube

My latest video is now available to view on YouTube.


Woodland Antics said...

Thank you. Very good video, informative and helpful. I found it very motivating. I've been meaning to start making them since you mentioned at the BB a couple of years ago - so here goes.....



Shannon said...

Great video, I really enjoyed it. Makes me want to unplug my power lather and set it over in the corner of the shop.

Richard Law said...

Great vid. Inspired me to have a go last Sunday. I made the silly mistake of mis-remembering which hole in the handle was for what. All that turning for a non-functioning whizzer! However, undeterred I had another go. My mate Richard Dyson and I decided it might be less time consuming to make a row of three top bases (without the stalk) together from one piece of wood, and the handles (a pair) from another of smaller dimension. This then requires finding the centre of the top to drill and fix a dowel (just about turnable). I must say now I've got it going the top is really wizard - spins for over a minute even on my pole lathe platform, which is just chain saw milled.

Richard Law APT