Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mystery of the vanishing pictures

From the left - Lois - basket maker, Carole - corn dolly maker, Vanessa, Me, John - chairmaker, Richard (in the suit !) - Yorkshire Woodlands Products and organiser of our section at the show - Owen - oak spelk basket maker & Ralph - corn dollies.

This is the only picture we have of our week away on the Northern Greenwood Roadshow.
I got a pissed punter in the Members Enclosure at the Driffield Show to take this group shot of some of us demonstrators . . . when we got home that was the only shot on the camera . . . all the others had been deleted. What happened to them we'll never know.

The show was great - except for the wind and rain - very chatty, friendly and interested visitors. I think Richard will be able to build this into a brilliant showcase for professional rural crafts.

On Tuesday we drove to Pickering and took the North York Moors Steam Railway to Whitby where we had fresh fried haddock and chips from the Magpie - the best in England! Jed travelled on the train and saw the sea for the first time (Dogs aren't allowed on the beach)

* * *
Newstead Treefest was great fun last weekend - we had a gas. The music was a brilliant mix and went on til late (or early! ie 6am). I'm a bit out of touch with the festival scene these days - the last one I went to was The Cambridge Folk Festival in the early '70s . . .
We had a fantastic time and experience over the two days - well done to that tight-knit group of organisers - what an eye opener! Unfortunately it rained on Sunday but hey - what's a festival without some mud ?

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't taken any more photos on the memory card, you can recover them, Robin. Do a search for "free data recovery program" and you should find one. If not drop me an email.

The photos aren't physically deleted, only logged as they are there on the card...