Saturday, 1 March 2008

Bugs, Kanga & The Bodgers Bord

What's just happened . . . ?
What's about to happen?
Took this slightly surreal photo of soft toys hanging out to dry in the neighbour's garden. She's collected them for a childrens home and is washing them all first. I said to her that I was waiting for the giraffe to come out and apparently there is one in the collection. She has a roomfull!

I've been playing with wood and making a Bodgers Bord out of a plank of poplar that I had. A very nice wood to work but with some mad patches of wild grain. Nice and light for the Bord which is a small shavehorse with no legs that sits on your lap and is held on by a belt round the waist.
These are the plans I downloaded - It's his copywrite and his web address is on the lower left if you click on the photo.
I have radically altered the design for mine . . like made it from one piece with flexible ramp.
I'll put up a photo when it's finished - if I remember to take one.

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rika said...

Do please remember to take one--it sounds very efficient, if I'm reading the plans correctly (am a literature major, not a carpenter!). Is it something you just use as a tabletop to carve or do fine work on? Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question:)