Friday, 29 February 2008

Can't sleep

If the time's changed you'll see what an insomniac I am!

Yesterday we went over to our Plot (we can't seem to think of a better name than that)
Obviously the picture was taken last summer but there's a willow tree which was going to push the chimney over so I've cut that down and pollarded another. Hopefully that will give us a sunny space to the right of the shed for sitting out and having fires. There are two massive oil tanks behind there which we can't seem to get rid of except at great cost so we've just decided to put up with them.
Also cut down a dead wych elm witch seems to be attracting woodpeckers - not a bad thing you may think but they are also pecking into the beehive.
Anyway all that wood, we had a great bonfire . . .

Here's a posey pic of Rockstar in my new leather jacket!

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