Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Bord

Found the perfect belt in an army surplus store so I've been having a try-out of the Bord.

It needs a bit more work such as chamfering all the sharp corners, fixing leather (or rubber) pads to the faces of the head to give a better grip specially on thin things like the spatula I was making.
It takes a bit of getting used to the working position but I like it and I'm into doing demonstrations where I can use more portable 'props' than the vanload of gear I have to cart around at the moment.
It also folds up nicely and is quite light.


Anonymous said...

Can you give some dimensions. Very nicely done. I want to try this out myself. Thanks.


Michael - if you look on Saturday 1st March blog you'll see I put the plans there. If you click on that image it should come up full size and you can see the designers web address in the lower left corner.
I adapted mine somewhat from the original.

miss rika said...

Awesome! Good pictures, as well. Not to ask a stupid question, but I have no experience whatsoever--does it improve precision, stability, or just comfort?


I suppose it does improve comfort because you could sit in an armchair but more than anything it improves portability. My main shavehorse (a dumbhead!) is a real lump.