Monday, 17 March 2008

"Geisha Girl"

I spent quite a long time on Saturday roughing out some tough old bits of yew to make the parts for a candle stand for a guy who was coming yesterday (the same one I made the rush light bases for-see earlier blog) to show me exactly what he wanted. My attention kept getting caught by the beauty of this ornamental quince which grows just outside my workshop. It doesn't always look great and is easily ruined by wind and rain. I took some amazing photos of it a couple of years ago which I lost when I accidentally deleted the whole of my 2006 iPhoto library (before I discovered iPhoto Library Manager!).
Anyway I went and got the camera and took a load more and I think this one has turned out OK - makes a good desktop image.

Unfortunately all that standing on one leg battling the yew really exacerbated a problem which I have suffered for some time and I woke up on Sunday at 4 am with pins-and-needles and numbness in my hands - so had to phone the guy up and cancel the candle stand. Plus it was pouring with rain, very windy and freezing cold.

Glad I took the photo when I could.

We're demonstrating at a Craft Fair at St Marys, Bexley for the Easter weekend so if you're in the area why not drop by and say hello . .

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