Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bodging in Hainault Forest

We were asked to participate in this event in Hainault Forest, Essex organised by The Woodland Trust. The aim was to to provide some interesting, fun activities for 40+ Scouts who had done some tree planting. There was also a guy making birds nesting boxes and a lady doing willow weaving.
Well, we all arrived at 9am and set up to be told that the scouts wouldn't be with us till 12.30! so we sat about freezing our pieces off waiting (good job we had been training for that all weekend). They finally turned up at around 1.30 and instead of the 14-15 year olds we were expecting were around 6 or 7 (Leo Blair apparently somewhere amongst them). Instead of the demo and hands-on bodging I had envisaged, just had time to help each of them make a hazel twig pencil before they went off home after an hour !

I took the photo before it eventually kicked off and it was so full-on for that hour that I forgot to take pics when the kids were there.

BUT for that hour we're getting paid more than twice as much as for the whole weekend - quite weird. I'll believe it all when I see the cheque.

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