Sunday, 9 March 2008

Maple bowl

Made this Rob Wood style porager out of a nice lump of field maple. My god he earns his money making these . .
Firstly it took ages and I had to sharpen the tools twice (Maple and sycamore take up silica from the soil so this blunts the tools quicker than say beech or birch). The flange took most of the time and then you cut most of it away to form the handles! This trimming of the flange I thought I'd do mainly with the axe but ended up using a 1" chisel in the vise.
Had a go with a ring tool I acquired and thought it was rubbish.

It's very satisfying to eat from a bowl you've made yourself. We also have a spurtle for stirring the porridge that I made 6 or 7 years ago. The abrasive nature of the oats has given the end an almost glassy surface.


miss rika said...

Hallo, Treewright:) I haven't read "The Storyteller's Daughter"; should I have? Textbooks and Pratchett are good choices. I really need to start binging on the Discworld novels soon. got a favourite?

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Robin Wood said...

Nice bowl Robin and especially nice in field maple. Its such a nice wood, our favorite for spoons though its not so common up here as down your neck of the woods. Do you ever get burr field maple. I am always looking for it to make mazer bowls but its rare up here.


I hardly ever get any field maple in big sizes Rob let alone burrs - I think the "burr bandits" get there before me!
You should see the bowl now. It was quite green when I made it and now its warped into a very weird shape.