Monday, 24 March 2008

A Bodgers Bog

Began to get an uneasy feeling about the weekend when I started packing the truck at 6am on Saturday morning and it started sleeting quite heavily. I mentally prepared myself for a bad situation at the showground .... but.... it was MUCH WORSE than I had imagined.
We were given a stand space with its own private bog behind it.

This got quite a bit worse over the course of the weekend due to almost constant rain, hail, sleet and snow plus it was very windy and freezing cold.
Well, where would you have rather been, tucked up at home with some Easter eggs, a nice bottle of wine and a DVD? or at the craft fair? So on Saturday and Sunday we all played "Spot the Punter" - today a few more came in but we only took £39 over the three days!
Thank God for the demonstrators fee!

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