Monday, 25 February 2008

Bonnie & Clyde

We had a good weekends business and came away Sunday night with a big, fat wedge of notes !! (The organiser, Marge, paid us in cash too as she had forgotten her chequebook).
Apart from those hobby horse grips I did manage to make other things :- babies rattles (which I don't really like making),

....lemon reamers from cherry ("What are Cherry Lemons?" an American woman asked!) The bead in the middle I keep and make a necklace when I have enough.

........and a load of ash dibbers and rounders bats, because we sold a load of them - didn't take photos though. Didn't manage to use the willow and the hawthorn turned out to be pretty useless when I split it - you never know what you're going to find inside.
I find it quite hard to focus properly and concentrate at these events as people are always asking questions and so much else is going on around you.

I try to keep up the stock levels of all the different items we sell - and Vanessa was selling HARD specially on Sunday.

We were lucky to be next to Wocko who's into coopering at the moment and gave us a small oak tub
I think we'll put a plant in it and have it in the bathroom.

Today Ness had her annual checkup at the National Hospital so it was a visit to "The Smoke" - they're going to give her an MRI scan and arrange some physiotherapy. I love the bus journey from Liverpool Street station....Bank of England, St Pauls to Holborn. People are in a strange state - nearly everyone's wearing an iPod and staring at a mobile phone. . . .

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