Friday, 22 February 2008

First show of the year

I always feel excited and raring to go when it's the first show of the year. This weekend we're demonstrating and (hopefully) selling at a craft show at Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire.
Have spent the last couple of days building up stock levels (actually I've made a load of twig pencils and coloured crayons and some really nice milking stools with walnut seats), sorting out gear, sharpening tools and collecting my wood. Got a really nice selection :- Ash, Hawthorn, Field Maple, Cherry and Willow.
I never really know what I'm going to be making until I start work but I've got a few ideas and I do have some mallets to finish off.
Just hope the weathers not too wet or cold but I think the punters will come out as they're fed up being cooped up indoors.

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