Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Does size matter . .

I'VE ONLY GOT A LITTLE ONE, but... it's quite powerful.
Chainsaw that is - what did you think I was talking about ?? It's a Stihl 020T the light, one-handed arborists saw. Which I think you can only buy if you can produce an NPTC certificate.
I must get round to getting a decent ground saw but this one has earned me a lot of money in the last ten years.
This is in response to a post about big, hot-rodded chainsaws on the Bodgers website . I couldn't seem to post my reply so I'm just rambling on here . .

Went up to The Estate today to scrounge some chestnut. A bit of a challenge what with
broken down 4WD's etc but finally managed to get a load of really fresh cut butts.
I love it - it's got a very long "best before" date and really good acoustic properties and its SMELLS great. I've got to spend a day making musical instruments at a school soon so it will be perfect. (Drawback is the massive amount of tannin in the wood which builds up a purple gunk on the tools).

Got my 2008 Diary Dates up on my website now

Also some more info on chairseating under "Wares"

Check it out


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