Monday, 25 February 2008

Woburn Weekend

A pretty horrible image I know but there's an interesting story behind it.
One of the "craftsmen" in the marquees (they pay to sell their "crafts" - we get paid to come) came to me in a desperate state. He'd bought the heads for his hobby horses but forgotten the handles. Could I help him out as I was the only turner there? I explained that I only had green wood and it would shrink. He reappeared a while later with some broom handles, could I make them from that? Well I'll usually help if I can and I like a bit of a challenge so I did ten for him. But my God, what awful timber - some kind of unspecified softwood - had to keep touching up the tool edges to razor sharp to get any kind of decent finish.
He offered me one of the finished horses in payment but I took the cash !!

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