Thursday, 15 May 2008

Wine rack

Dave Stovell, who came on a course with me on 13th March (see blog for that day), sent me this photo today.

Its a wine rack he's designed and made for which I made the ash uprights with wire-burned lines.

He's written the 'back story' which I think includes photos like this . . .

and also worked out the carbon footprint . . .

Provenance of Coppice wine Rack:
Cut at 51º55'11.56"N 0º32'53.40"E by Stephen Westover of Westover Woodlands
Mileage used 15.56 miles

Ash poles
Turned by Robin Fawcett of Treewright
Ash locally sourced from road works nr A10 and J25 of M25 51º41'43.31"N 0º03'38.51"W
Mileage used 32.8 miles

Ash base
Made by Robbins Cabinet making
source unknown
Mileage used 11.1 miles

Bottle Tubes
Metropolitan works, Commercial Road London
Chipboard source unknown
Mileage used 107.18 miles

Total mileage: 166.64

The wine rack is in this show of contemporary work which has just started and is on for a couple of weeks.

Apparently it is also worth having a look at the chairs that surround the walls in the second room, this is the Frederic Parker Collection of antique chairs.

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