Monday, 12 May 2008

Bodgers Ball

Beth Jameson showing that all bodgers are not old and grizzled! Shaving, I think, a sycamore billet in preparation for me to make a spurtle in exchange for a load of hazel rods supplied by her dad Peter.
Des Jones is in the background under the shade of his gazebo - we really needed shelter this weekend but often at Bodgers Balls it's from the rain!
Note the excellent style and posture and the Pole lathe 2000 design.

Kevin Warrington showing his skills during an early morning whimmy diddling session.

Nice to see these two old stagers who have been missing from this event for a few years . . .

Maurice Clother
& Hugh Roberts

Ben & Lois taking part in the half-hour challenge - you can almost smell the concentration and determination. You certainly mustn't distract them or try to speak to them at this point. Dave Partridge is nonchalantly hanging around at the back to try and pick up a few bowl turning tips from Ben.
Lois actually won this competition with her cherry lemon reamer.

Caption Competition:
Is something slightly odd going on here during Rob Wood's whittling class? What might it be? Answers on a postcard or just post a comment.

My demonstrations were slightly under-attended (2 people watched me make a spinning top on Saturday and 1 on Sunday) due to the fact that there was just so much going on. A lot of people came to see what whimmy diddles are (a notched stick with a propeller made from a shaving which spins when you rub another stick over the notches) and a lot got made and taken away by children of all ages.

A great time was had by all. The bar did a roaring trade (I did a half hour stint as barman which was a first for me). The beer ran out on Saturday night - probably a good thing as hangover + relentless sun is no fun.

Next years event is being organised by Ralph Sixsmith & the South Yorkshire Group at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster. Looking forward to that already!


Jon said...

Well it was basic axe skills - hence all the axes on the floor! Great write up Robin.

Andy said...

Is the guy in the denim shirt saying,

"I'm sorry. I thought you said, tent peg. And I call this one the Glastonbury peg."

I shouldn't visit here so often...I keep getting the urge to build a pole lathe.


What's a Glastonbury peg then ?