Friday, 30 May 2008

Whistle making on YouTube

 Phew . . . what with dogs barking, ice cream vans chiming, film crew having nervous breakdowns and the star 'f'ing and blinding at his cock ups. . . here it is.

If you can't make a whistle after watching this . . . get in touch and come on a course to have fun.

I think I'll have to wet my whistle now because I'm spitting feathers and the camerawoman thinks that we could make another film of the out-takes which would be hilarious !

Don't forget about Wizardry in Wood next week - I'll be there on Thursday, June 5th.


miss rika said...

ROFL. That looks like fun. Not sure I'd want to make any more whistles, having seen the loads of kids at those workshops who would wreak havoc with them before your very ears. A very brave man you are.


What is ROFL ?- I'm not up on these acronyms

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. I can't make it across the pond, so this is the next best thing. It's like taking a long distance course. Very much appreciate it. Thanks again.

Mungo said...

This is a brilliant tutorial - thank you for sharing. As I am watching it, I'm wondering how I would be able to replicate something like this on a canoe trip, away from a power drill, without glue and with my mora knife. I can make pitch glue, but here in Canada (Ontario) I can't think of a wood that had a pith that is easily hollowed out. Perhaps I could use a heated wire and burn out a hole... any thoughts?