Monday, 5 May 2008


Ralph Hentall is Mr Spoon. He's been carving historic and commemorative spoons for over 40 years and there isn't much he doesn't know about them.To his left is an outrageous piece of craftsmanship, made for him and his wife Joan's wedding anniversary out of a single piece of sycamore.

A selection of lovely shapes . . . .

Spoons carved from oak from HMS Victory (which should really be returned to Chatham Dockyard where it was built - but that's another story!)

& some replicas of ancient spoons which have fooled museum curators . . .

Ralph is writing a book about spoons - it sounds as though it will be as comprehensive as he can manage and I can't wait to see it.

This was at Woburn Abbey Craft Show - there was an extremely high calibre of demonstrators - the 'A' team. I'll post more about it later but after a 3-day show I've entered an almost trance-like state and can't concentrate any more.

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