Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Oak, Walnut & Fonts

It was good to be demonstrating next to Neil Taylor at Blenheim at the weekend as we hadn't seen him for quite a while. He's a dab hand with the adze and makes some great seats, stools and chairs. The Welsh chair below is in Oak & Walnut.

I bought a stool from him a couple of years ago to play the guitar on but it never felt quite right so we took it to an event earlier in the year and sold it (as his). A lady contacted us afterwards and wanted to order 4 like it for her new breakfast bar so we were able to pass him on quite a nice commission.

In looking at the demonstrators stands I thought they looked a bit jaded and tatty (including mine) - same old dog-eared signs and props. So I have decided to spruce things up a bit and to that end have bought a typeface from MyFonts - Karacan Pro. I think it has the right feel to it - sort of slightly rustic and old-timey. What do you think ?
Also bought ArtText for doing clever things with typefaces but it's taking some time to get my head round that.

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