Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Whimmy Diddle video

Uploaded my first video to YouTube showing how you can make a simple toy from a twig and a shaving.
I was a bit apprehensive but the process is fairly straightforward and only took about an hour to shoot, edit and upload. It gave me a strange, childish sense of achievement. Only thing was that I didn't realise you had to upload an image to go on the 'cover' so it's just the camera ikon at the moment - I'll have to look into that.


Anonymous said...

Good show mate. Can't wait for more.

Mungo said...

Brilliant. The carefully considered end to the clip put a big smile on me! Ha... Super idea. Mors Kochanski - a bushcrafter here in Canada - was demonstrating one of these to a group of us in New Hampshire last November. Neat to see how you've created it...



Hugo said...

I met you at Blenheim. Love your work. You have a great product range which has broadened my vocabulary to include "spurtle", and of course whimmy diddle.
Good luck. Hugo