Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Weekend in Nottinghamshire

As you go further North people seem friendlier, not so insular and aggressive as nearer London. Had a nice meal out on Friday and were invited to share a table with some locals who entertained us, told jokes and recommended a good pub to eat at on Saturday.

An admiring crowd watching me demonstrate at Thoresby Park. Thank god for the demonstrators fee as not many sales were made.

Discussing the finer points of adzeing a yew seat with my mate Neil Taylor who was next to us.

Photograph was taken by John Holt a visitor to the show (email:-

Funny how you come across odd things like this . . . must have been left by the fairies !

Went to see my Dad on Monday. He's doing well and was supposed to be released today but it's been put back to Friday. He needs to get up and move about a bit more. We'll go and see him tomorrow and see if we can get him to have a walk round the hospital with us.


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