Thursday, 12 March 2009


I've been trying out the new chainsaw today .

Pollarding some elders . . .

I kept a few nice pieces for spoon carving (very good) but the rest went on a big bonfire. The stumps will send out new shoots all over and we can grow a smaller, fresher tree that we can reach the flowers and berries more easily.

The "Big" Hazel also got the same treatment . . .

I got a lot of pencil, whistle and whimmy diddle material - it's the first big cut after about 8-9 years. I cut it high and put the wire round to keep off the bunnies. We've got a bad problem - I'm going to get a guy to come in with his ferrets and nets.
Also it'll let the beehive get the morning sun and warm up quicker. At the moment the bees are collecting pollen from a big Pussy Willow tree.

Tomorrow we're going to visit my Dad in King's College Hospital, Camberwell. He's had the operation to remove the tumour on his liver and is bouncing back - we saw him yesterday and he's still got that twinkle in his eye and sense of humour. Hopefully it'll be a surprise !

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