Thursday, 12 March 2009

Organic Woodland Products

I had a meeting the other evening 'twixt Wheathampstead and Lemsford in Hertfordshire with some likeminded folk to discuss the 2009 "Beanpole Festival". Steve Gibson is one of the folk, shown here with Middy

- who I bought a lovely 7lb Elwell felling axe from at Hatfield Farmers Market quite a few years ago.

My aim is to chop a tree down with it someday.

Also there were Tom Hewins, Tony Gallow and Richard Thomason representing the Small Woods Association & The Greenwood Trust. The main information seems to be at Allotment

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Woodland Antics said...

Hi Robin,

great work on the blog, keep it coming!

I am very keen to promote the beanpole week and to do my bit I've already gone into prodction on the poles, sold 2 bundles (of 11) to a neighbour already. I'll be featuring them on the blog soon, and will take some to the W&D museum this weekend to see if they sell. Mine are birch rods though, so I'm hoping I shan't be ostracised for that!