Thursday, 19 March 2009

Robin in Sherwood


We're going to Thoresby Hall in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham tomorrow to do our first Weekend Demonstration at the Craft Show in the Park . . . quite a long way for us.
Distance :- 143 miles( 231 kilometres )
Duration :- 2 hours 16 minutes (at about a constant 60mph ?)

Back to the on-the-road Travelodge lifestyle then . . . I really enjoy getting out of the "comfort zone" and routine. Anyone local who follows my blog - say hello. Maybe you could blag your way in if you said you were bringing a log for me !

The weather's been great lately, very warm and Springlike - I really love this time of year. White and Pink Frothy Blossoms and Yellow Daffodils and Forsythia . . .

PS. Pics are all clickable for a bigger view.

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