Sunday, 13 July 2008

A Strange Weekend

We arrived at Leonardslee on Friday afternoon and were a bit shocked to find it was a tin-pot event, hardly anything of it, compared to some of the big shows we had done there several years ago for another organiser. No arena events, no entertainment but the real bete noir was this infernal machine which was situated about 50 feet behind us . . .
It started churning out its relentless cacophony at 10 am and was switched off at 5pm - for TWO DAYS !! - playing everything from Abba to Bach. I would rather it had been a bagpipe band which I can just about stand for 5 minutes !

I managed to avoid doing any turning much today as I didn't feel in the right frame of mind but I had a piece of wood on the lathe and did an occasional 2 minute demo . . .

Instead I sat on the shavehorse and managed to do the shaping on all that sycamore that I had roughed out the other day.

Sunday was a pleasant day, weather was well behaved and we spoke to some friendly and interesting people.

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Anonymous said...

We totally agree as did 98% of our customers who attended this fair. Two brassed off growers